MTB trail adventures, Daylesford & beyond

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Welcome Mountain Bikers

For the Wombat Forest trails and Central Highlands visitor  — helpful guides and links to where mountain bike riders and bush walkers are welcome.

Local or visiting?

Like to join a ride? Check out Daylesford Bike Riders FB page.

Like to join a bush walk? Meet Fridays 0900 at Lost Children monument, Central Springs Rd, adjacent to Midland Highway.

Iconic Trails

Since 1999 we have mountain biked and run most of the 278km of Great Dividing Trails and their glistening partner, The Goldfields Track.

Trail MapsSpa Country Explorer logo

You haven’t seen the likes of these Wombat Forest  trails maps. Water and tear resistant printed maps or downloads.

Community Maps

Ken Dowling as MapSport Cartographic produces maps for organisations such as landcare groups, land managers, sport clubs.