Domino Trail: Lyonville-Trentham

IMBA grade: Easy peasy. Hybrid or mtb.

L,R,SA=straight ahead


Fairly flat. Uses 4WD, Domino Trail and rail trail. Loop route except for common route at Trentham end. Passes through habitat of endangered Powerful Owl.


Start in either town. This example started in Lyonville. Parked in tree shade outside Community Hall in Bremners Ave off Daylesford-Trentham road. Heading E, R onto Gleesons St, 3L into Railway Ave and continued on 4WD until L onto first 4WD brought us to rail trail. (Can L earlier to rail trail but may encounter gorse on west end of trail).Lyonville start

R onto rail trail until end (map shows alternative that took us through a tunnel under rail line), L onto marked Domino Trail through pleasant bush then alongside fields and houses to Trentham. Veer L across tarmac onto rail trail takes you to the railway station which is now the Information Centre. Get a Domino Trail guide. 8km in a cruisy 34 riding minutes.

Very good and resonably priced pies and cakes with real cream at Trentham Bakery in High St but coffee not to my taste. For coffee I do like Chaplins further W along the street. Red Beard Bakery is down a nearby lane where South Yarra comes to Trentham with prices to match but it is the best sourdough west of the CBD. Coffee OK.

Returning to Lyonville off tarmac onto dirt road (Blighs Rd)  but we prefer re-use of the parallel Domino Trail. After 2km when Domino Trail does a sharp L, SA on Blighs Rd (no sign). Continue westerly (use any sun) and you should end up in Lyonville. As you re-enter settlement, L onto Coliban Drv dirt road, R into Messmate Rd, L into Leishmans La and R into Bremners Av, SA and there’s your car.
Shorter distance than out.


None but the hill immediately to your north from the Community Centre is Babbington Hill. The 2008 Cyclic Navigator claimed 3 scalps on this hill as riders vied for the 100 pointer on top. Here’s a route map – click on it for larger copy.

Domino Trail route

GPS and Map Route

And here at is a map, GPX and Garmin GPS link of the route and points of interest.  Domino Trail

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