Riding the Trails after the Feb 09 Fires – Musk near Daylesford

Daylesford Fires

The main fire impacted on trail riding south of Jubilee Lake which is on the southern side of IMGP0826 w Daylesford. It reached as far as Musk where it burnt out a few kms lof the Daylesford & Spa Country Tourist Railway route. An earlier posting described the associated Railway Recreation Route. Other less major fires, including one down the end of our road (photo), only marginally touched trails.

Railway Recreation Route

We recently ventured into the Railway recreation Route area as there were no cautionary signs therefore we presumed it to be safe. It now appears that the area is still to be cleared of dangerous trees and branches but signs were placed only on the rail line at locations out of sight of the trail. For your safety, check for a sign on the rail line near the milestone (see map in earlier posting).

Anyway, we survived the widow makers to tell the photo tale of what is a microcosm of the impact on the larger fire area’s trail system and environment. 

The pleasure of brambles and other weeds being wiped out was tempered somewhat by previously enjoyable single track being revealed as cruisy dirt roads.

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