Geocaching on a Leanganook Ride

Departed from the Bendigo bushlands on a very pleasant riding day to trial the Geocaching Australia route feature (see previous post). A couple of km on, I rode up to the first of 3 intended geocaches as colourful runners streamed past me. There was an orienteering control site just 30m away. IMGP1198 This cache was most unusual being also a memorial to a keen geocacher. A great idea.

Joined Leanganook Track at Diamond Hill heading for cache 2 which was in the vicinity of Sandhurst Reservoir. Again was able to ride right to the spot indicated by my GPSr. Laid the bike down, checked out the obvious looking hide at my feet but no joy. After 5 minutes search around I pulled out the printed notes and noticed the word 'creative' in the log of the previous person to find it. Hurried back to my original suspect and checked it more closely. Yes! Very creative indeed. I cannot tell you what I found as that would spoil your enjoyment if you try out geocaching. Suffice to say that while most caches are in Sistema waterproof plastic containers and will be hidden under rocks or branches or in a tree hollow, not a few are so natural you wouldn't give them a second glance as a hide.

So onwards alongside the reservoir fence but no dogs, just a wave exchanged with a trail bike rider. Onto the Coliban Channel track which takes Leanganook Track to the northern end of Leanganook, aka Mt Alexander. Mild morning, cruising at 20km/h, great life.

The long 'sprint' changed to a grind up alongside the dissipators and falls from Springs Rd. No water for some 3 years now. More of a grind up the hill of the northern tunnel and a rest while chatting to a walker coming the other way. He is off with 14 others to my home province of Otago, NZ to walk the Rees-Dart Track in Fiordland. Great area.

But my objective is rather closer and soon I have the 3rd and final cache in my hand. Fill in the logbook then its just a few km to the pick up point where Leanganookm Track crosses Harcourt North Rd.

28km with undulations to start then a fairly fast clip for half the distance and finishing with a couple of noticeable hills. They used to call this fartlek in my youth.  I found the geocaching certainly halved my average speed but added a lot of interest. Now I just have to work out a good way of handling my GPSr on the bike.

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