Tourist Train makes it back to Musk

At 1115, the Daylesford Spa Country Railway railmotor pulled into Musk Station fIMGP1335or the first time since the Feb 2009 bushfires. Those bushfires destroyed sleepers, track and other infrastructure. It has been a long haul to get sufficient funds for the willing volunteers to restore the track. Thanks to the state government and Bendigo Community Bank for significant donations and many other donators and volunteers. 

Passengers on this first Musk trip were local residents and those who had a hand in the restoration. A few short words at Musk Station from key players was followed by late morning tea, or was it early lunch?

The station building bore old lanterns and similar equipment, the magnificent old trees provided a lovely backdrop and at the far end of the platform just across the line, the mini park had been spruced up.

See June 2009 posting on the Railway Recreation Route for details of riding one way on a little known track, including a downloadable PDF map. The trains run only on Sundays and timetable can be found at DSCR web site.


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