The best mtb season in Wombat Forest – spring

IMGP1401 What a beautiful day on my favourite section of the Dry Diggings Track – NE from Porcupine Ridge Rd. Note at left the new yellow topped  Goldfields Track signs – easier to see when riding and there appears to be more of these along the route to provide reassurance. 

The track is in geat condition for riders and walkers although we saw only one couple from N Melbourne riding out as we left. Their small dog scampered along the track so fast he appeared to be pulling his master via his long lead.


Flowers are out – many of them so small you need to ride slowly to notice them. And it is so green.  Locals are saying the most rain in 30 years. Backing that up, 2 weeks ago I saw The Blowhole near Hepburn Springs (mtb access forbidden except via road) blowing for the first time in the 11 years we have been here.

Started ride @ 1000 in my 25 year old short sleeve woollen cycling top (hot pink with zebra side strips!) and it was perfect for the morning.

So do get out in Wombat Forest and/or the GDT this spring. It is a bonza. I'll leave the photos to express more than I can about this most enjoyable ride. Click on a photo for a larger version. 


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