Woodhill MTB Park


Not only something completely different but only 2,750 km away is this mtb park 45 minutes NW of Auckland city. I took a morning out of my stay to visit it and am so glad I did. I love Wombat Forest trails but I also loved this completely different style.

Lets get the only negative out of the way. The coffee wasn't available and I suspect that is the case except on weekends and Wednesday race nights. Given I couldn't find a decent cup of coffee anyway while in Auckland (mostly burnt), it may have been a blessing.

I wanted a 2 hour ride so headed out on the Mad Butcher (that's the trail sponsor, not a description of trail carnage) 20km trail for Intermediates. Pine forest on sand (mostly firm), nearly all single track, plenty of stunts if you want them. Took me 2.5hr inc photos and backtrack for a dropped water bottle. I felt I had a great workout and my 'skills' were definitely reawoken by the last half hour.  IMGP1612

The signage is exemplary. Direction signs, stunt difficulty rating signs, bypass signs for every stunt, map stations with safety info. I hired an Avanti hardtail for $25 for the first hour, then $5 per 20 mins, inc helmet & trail fee (took my own SPD shoes). Perfectly set up bike inc. tyre pressures.

Thoroughy recommended and I'll be back to do more trails next year. Its open all year around. btw next door is Tree Adventures and nearby are horse riding and 4WD bike riding. Woodhill MTB Park

Now why isn't there one of these in Victoria?

And while off topic, if you've never heard of Danny Macaskill, like over 22 million others, you will still probably admire his skills in



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