Access to Goldfields Track is soooo eeeasyy

Leave the car at home or a train station

Whether you have a bike carrying car or not, theGoldfields Track has really easy access. With V/Line rail stations at the entry points of Ballarat, Castlemaine and Bendigo, you can enjoy a one way ride and easily get back to your starting point.

VLine bike logo
VLocity bike space

We have a number of times ridden the Leanganook Track one way (Castlemaine – Bendigo or v.v) and travelled the other way by train. V/locity trains have purpose built bike stowage in every car set complete with velcro stowage straps – look for bike symbol on door. The locomotive trains have room in the guards van.

Bikes are free! See the 28th January posting for our story of such a trip.

Helping prove the access point, Senator Nick Sherry who opened the Goldfields Track yesterday, travelled to and from Castlemaine by train.  The enabling $500k Federal government grant is one of the key points he covered in his succinct address.

But if you do travel there by car…

…and you go through the hamlet of Guildford, between Daylesford and Castlemaine, then stop at the general store. Their made-on-the-premises pies are absolutely the best we can recall. A small range and usually sold out by mid-afternoon. Coffee is surprisingly good too and their cakes and biscuits are also great and reasonably priced. Drop by on a Sat or Sun arvo and you could tune in to the local musos.

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