A Fav Ride to Fryerstown or is that Friarstown?

Given The Monk hill is nearby I used to think this hamlet might be Friarstown but not so. The bbq mentioned below evokes bacon aroma temptingly wafting in the early morning zephyrs so I guess Fryerstown is a proper spelling after all.

Fryerstown School Entry Point: Water, Showers, Camping

The Goldfields Track has a new entry point at the old Fryerstown School, Camp St, Fryerstown between Vaughan Springs and Castlemaine. Email ttodhunter@iinet.net.au for details further to those below and for bookings. Photo shows the amenities. Ablutions in shed, school at right.

Fryerstown old school w

Water facilities, showers, toilets Fryerstown old school shower w

For a small donation, water facilities are now available to Goldfields Track users. The external lockup  block comprising two separate rooms, each with shower (photo), toilet and water/washing facilities has been recently erected in the old school grounds. Each user is asked for a small donation to help the Fryerstown community maintain the school and facilities.

Camping and caravan sites

Sites are available in a pleasant setting for families or small groups who wish to explore the Goldfields Track, the Fryerstown area or the Mount Alexander Gold Diggings. Barbeque available. Sites are not powered.  A donation of $15 per night is requested, but is negotiable. Donations will help the Fryerstown community to maintain the school and facilities. Up to ten groups can be accommodated. Guides and talks can be arranged on the local flora and fauna and the rich history of the area.

One of my Two Favourite Goldfields Track Rides

This is one of my more frequent rides, worth the train trip or stopoff. A coffee from one of the many great spots in Castlemaine (including the rail station to 3pm weekdays!) sends me up the road from the roundabout Goldfields Track entry station. Into the bush at the right angle bend (morning sun makes it hard to see gold top marker at bush edge) and shortly onto the Poverty Gully water race single track.

Now this track is so much fun, even when as a new rider I had my heart in my mouth in some places. It just goes on an on. There are a couple of scrabbly slopes one of which I have never ridden up due to a large rock step, but there are soft routes around each. There are a few geocaches near this stretch.

Then its off the race onto The Monk, passing the GT shortcut to Leanganook Track via Chewton. No longer do we have to drag our tail up to the very top of The Monk. And the new switchback has eased the remaining climb somewhat. Still good views from the top if you do have a little extra energy.

After a too short cruise off The Monk we plunge onto single track and too quickly bottom out in a verdant valley. I really enjoy this flowing section and its contrast with the first sections. Another couple of geocaches nearby and if you hear dogs howling, that’s the dingo farm just over a gully. Houses indicate Spring Gully hamlet and its veer left and take a breather at a lookout over a former mining area. Down then up a small switchback trying not to dab, and its into another historic mining area worth a leisurely look.IMGP1668w

Stony, rocky and rooty tracks (photo)  take us through to a dirt then gravel road and we whoosh down to   Fryerstown. If continuing on to Vaughan Springs then just after you hit the tarmac its next right. Else continue up the tarmac, 2L into Camp St and the old school is on the right up the rise.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I.

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