Up Spout and Down Badger

This circuit has been a private favourite for 11 years. To announce the forthcoming summer release of the Daylesford area trail maps, it is now yours also. It will feature on one of those maps.

Bullarto Reservoir
Bullarto Reservoir

A 6km circuit recreational ride or hill training completely within forest and featuring a 2km downhill. Start/finish at the eponymous creek on Kangaroo Creek Rd, off Osborne Rd (aka Coliban Rd on older maps).  This creek flows most of the year and is quite lively in full flow. As it winds its way to join the Loddon, Kangaroo Ck features in a number of prior posted rides.

Most fun, smoothest climb and safer direction (to avoid meeting a rider at speed down Badger) is up Spout Track and down Badger Track. Just off Kangaroo Ck Rd, veer right to climb Spout Tk. There may be bee hives in a layby part way up.

If you aren’t training then take a side excursion at 3km through  a gate to the south. Watch closely for a single track off to the right about 250m from the gate. The single track is rutted but an interesting ride else continue on and it will veer to the right to meet the single track at the reservoir edge from where the photo was taken. Around the reservoir are pleasant spots to view, and picnic. Fishing requires a licence.

Still up Spout past the gate a sharp right bend is followed by an acute left off Spout and you level off on the track that joins Spout and Badger. If you hit a gravel road you missed the acute left. Next junction is signposted Badger Tk to your left (north) and this great 2km swooping downhill begins. Badger clay surface is slippery when wet and at any time be aware on the downhill for newly fallen trees as well as the occasional 4WD, walker or trail bike rider.

A couple of slight rises near the bottom break your speed. Then its either acute left back up Spout for another round or exit into Kangaroo Ck Road for a relaxing cruise down to your car.

Route display viewable and GPX file downloadable from GPSies.  (QR code at end of GPSies page facilitates download to mobile)

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