Leanganook Tk: Coliban Main Channel to Castlemaine

Signage issues

Some VicRoads blue signs, between Coliban Main Channel S end and Specimen Gully Rd, are missing or incorrectly placed for riders heading towards Castlemaine.

Coming off Leanganook, at the bottom of the tarmac plunge, the sign into Quarry Rd is simply not visible unless you know exactly where to look. There are some other VicRoads signs like that but this is the worst.

Continuing to Castlemaine, in Harcourt at the main road junction opposite the cafe-store, there is no indication which way to turn. Turn L and shortly move to R lane for R turn. btw, the cafe-shop has good coffee. Similarly, 2 junctions further on at the corner of Midland Highway and Coolstore Rd there is no sign towards Coolstore Rd.

Easier Route into Castlemaine

The route around Old Quartz Hill is very enjoyable with varied track surfaces, history and the aroma of pines and eucalypt on a hot day. But coming S if you struggled over the two hills on the Coliban Main Channel then you are going to find the last section into Castlemaine very challenging indeed right from the Specimen Gully Rd turnoff up into the pines.

So here is an easier alternative that still keeps you away from main roads (maps below). From the N it kicks off S of Harcourt where Coolstore Rd meets Blackjack Rd. Straight ahead onto Peelers Rd then 2L onto Riellys Rd (yes that is how it is spelt). Why the Goldfields Track didn’t take Riellys Rd is beyond me as it is far more pleasant continuing on tarmac Peelers Rd. R@T (Specimen Gully Rd) then L onto Blakely Rd. Veer L onto Burgdorf Tk (may be labelled Grumont St) then veer R onto Vanstan Rd. R@T onto Lawson Pde and past the high school. L@T and follow around to L at Hargraves St. Want the best coffee in Castlemaine? Then next R into Halford St and Coffee Basics is on your R, open Mon-Fri. Else continue on Hargraves St into Castlemaine centre.

Map & GPX File

GPSies - Leanganook Track: easier route into Castlemaine