Great Winter Conditions on Dry Diggings Track

Goldfields Track: Dry Diggings Track

On Sunday’s almost warm winter afternoon, I rode the section from Wewak Track towards Vaughan Springs. Despite a fair bit of rain recently, the track surface is in excellent condition. Just one mud wallow approaching Gurr Track. As with the track N from Porcupine Ridge Rd further south, there is plenty of evidence of recent clearing of fallen trees by Parks VIC. I did my bit for a very recent prone tree.

Regrowth after burnoff
Regrowth after burnoff

Noticed a car parked at Porcupine Ridge Rd track crossing as we drove past. Then on my ride, met two mountain bikers who had camped out along the track. Their late start for the day is probably explained by the 2 degree frost. Talking of track users, Great Dividing Trail Assn has just published some usage figures for the Goldfields Track. It was very pleasing to see that my favourite Dry Diggings Track section N of Porcupine Ridge Rd, was attracting nearly 40 persons per week in autumn. The more accessible Wallaby Track S of Sailors Falls garnered 45 per week.

S of Porcupine Ridge Rd you pass through a recently burnt off area. I always find it interesting to ride these areas because it is a new stark and revealing landscape. The next stage of regrowth is often very beautiful.

So despite the frosty weather upon us, an afternoon ride can still be very, very enjoyable. See you out there.

Impaled bike
Riding a burnt off area in 2009, I got distracted and next I knew I was recovering from a near endover but still seated. It seems the burnt sapling was bent towards me, I rode too close and it got caught in my bike. My momentum was exactly enough to straighten the sapling and leave me perched high and dry.

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