Now Here’s a Cyclic Navigator Legend…

…For a whole day!

Mostly self explanatory apart from track descriptors. But first up…

NZ Gully map legend
NZ Gully map legend

…OOB or Out of Bounds

OOB is either private property or an active logging area. If you enter OOB and aren’t crushed by the logerator, you’ll certainly be crushed to learn that all your points are docked. You may ride through an OOB area on a road or track network that clearly connects to an exit from the OOB area. These are signified by being either tracks framed in white or tarmac roads (not framed in white).

Sag wagon route

This route is marked by orange framing the road or track. The vehicle is recognisable by an orange & white control marker. Subject to incidents, it should patrol each part of its route about every 90 minutes. It will be resupplying water at those controls sites and should be carrying a bike rack. Unfortunately no stock of parts but there could be tools available.

Track descriptors

A track is either a road or a 4WD track.

A path is narrow and in a very few places may be single track in mtb terms.

So what distinguishes fast from slow from difficult riding? Despite attempts to standardise what those terms describe, there are occasional differences between the three mappers.

It is probably best thought of this way;

  • fast is a relatively smooth surface in mtb terms and if it was flat you could go like the clappers.
  • difficult is easy peasy for the gun mtb riders but scrabbly, rutty, whatever for the rest of us
  • slow is anything else.

So slow is painted with a very very broad brush. Remember that please.

Most tracks will have smallish sections that fall into another classification. Because of the 1:30,000 scale, 2 dashes = 225m. Thus no account is taken of interim changes unless they are at least 250m long.

Thursday I will post photos of tracks covering most of the descriptors.

Inidistinct (green) tracks

The entrance can be difficult to see and the track itself might not be clear. Due to recent grass growth, we had to designate quite a few as indistinct else route choice would have severely restricted. Even in the last 2 weeks some track sections changed from normal to indistinct.

What do you do when looking for, or traversing, a track marked as indistinct? Answer _____

Are there other indistinct tracks out there? Yes but not where ours are marked 😉

Final hint

When you are driving in, you will be on fast track after leaving the tarmac. With a couple of exceptions, every signed road you see off the access road will be classified as fast track. Virtually every unsigned road/track off the access road will be classified as slow track.

Please do not enter them.



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