A Goldfields Track Ride Re-Revisited : Leanganook

Coliban Main Channel north

Early sun ahead of Brennans Tunnel hill.
Early sun ahead of Brennans Tunnel hill.

An opportunity for a blast on the fast northern segment of the Coliban Main Channel (Leanganook Track section of the Goldfields Track), was not to be missed. Dropped off where it crosses North Harcourt Rd soon after dawn in perfect weather, my legs soon warmed up for the short climb over Brennan’s Tunnel. Brief stop at the top for a photo towards Bendigo then plunged down the north side track surprised to find it had been graded recently — most unusual.

Woman's Gully water fall and dissipator
Woman’s Gully water fall and dissipator

Water features

A few km further on, Woman’s Gully waterfall was in full flow as was Cuneen’s Gully waterfall a bit further down. At the foot of these man-made channel falls are dissipators to break the force of the water. I checked a geocache I had laid a few years ago and it being in good order I remounted and crossed Springs Rd to start the faster section of the channel track.

Camp site

Through a short bush track section I noticed a clear sign pointing to the campsite. Then rejoining the track I was on the even faster section through to Crusoe Reservoir and my legs beat a fast rhythm through curves and along short straights. Delightful.

Into the bush alongside the reservoir fence and a hesitation as tracks spun off every which way but, unusually, no sign. Staying by the fence proved the correct choice and after a couple of slightly tricky ascents to water channel crossings, a right turn took me away from the reservoir deeper into the very pleasant bush. Where the Goldfields Track turned left I instead headed onwards via a myriad of well used single tracks to my destination on Diamond Hill Rd.


Cuneen's Gull water fall
Cuneen’s Gull water fall & stone abutment

Looking at a map (btw you can get the highly informative Leanganook trail map from gdt.org.au) some think the channel track segment would be boring. Far from it. There are views, a few hills, tunnels, water features, wildlife, changes of pace, not to mention the very curvy and fast blast section. And at each end of the channel track are bush and township environments. Go ride!

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