Trentham – Lyonville Trail Widens Appeal

Domino Rail Trail revamp

Revamped Domino Rail Trail
Revamped Domino Rail Trail

The Domino Rail Trail between Trentham and Lyonville has been vastly improved for ease of riding especially at the Lyonville end. Now the 6km trail follows the rail way between the two towns with the only diversion being at the Coliban River bridge. Even that has improved with a far more accessible grade close to the bridge at each side and the alternative of an even easier but longer loop to the south.

The trail is laid with small river gravel all the way and is super wide as in photo at right. And we noted it is being really well used by cyclists and walkers. We exchanged greetings with all and had a chat with a rider and a pair of walkers. Even a town treadly can manage this trail albeit with a brief or longer walk to circumvent the Coliban River bridge.

Access at each town

Trentham Station
Trentham Station


The short section between Trentham Station and Falls Rd still has the old rail line exposed. Although earth mostly fills the gaps between sleepers, it is still a roughish ride and not recommended if you do not have at least front suspension. If you cannot ride it then either walk it or ride the tarmac around the block south of the rail.


As you can see in the next photo, the trail entrance is no longer hard to find. It is just across the road south of the Radio Springs Hotel.  The hotel was doing great lunch business. I was amused to see a large touring motor bike alongside a tethered horse outside the pub. Just as I thought to get a photo with my steed alongside them, the motor cycle rider donned helmet, reversed out (it was a BIG bike) and took off.

Trail head, Lyonville
Trail head, Lyonville

 Trail re-map

I intend to remap the area as we noticed new link trails that will make this an even more interesting ride area.

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