Glenluce to Glenlyon via Goldfields Track

Glenluce to Glenlyon

From Glenluce to Glenlyon via the Dry Diggings section of the Goldfields Track. Rising from 350m to 565m, the first 16km on dirt tracks and roads, the remaining 4km on tarseal.

A one way trip which could be extended by turning onto Up and Down Track off Green Gully Rd about the 14km mark.

Whoever drops you off at Helbe Track off the Drummond – Vaughan Springs Rd, can have a pleasant drive to Glenlyon and await you in comfort at the Glenlyon General Store or the Glenlyon Mineral Spring.

Truly a Goldfields Track

Gold fields that is. The gold and red spiky Daviesia ulicifolia, a.k.a. Gorse Bitter Pea, are the most prolific I have ever seen them. Due no doubt to much rain over winter and spring.

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