Wombat Station Adventurer Trail Map

The first Spa Country Explorer Adventurer trail map

No sweat in the heat or wet

Pick up this first Adventurer trail map at the Daylesford Visitor Information Centre and you can be on the trails immediately without worrying about map protection. The Pretex® map paper sheds sweat and wet plus is far more durable than standard paper based maps. What more is there to like? Plenty…

It is all about the forest trails near Daylesford

Every navigable road and track in Wombat Forest and Hepburn Regional Park from Eganstown in the north to Rocklyn in the south. No other maps come close to the Adventurer trail map series. Because you can plan at leisure or just head out and know you won’t keep hitting dead ends. Plus simply rated tracks and contours allow you to select routes that suit you and your group.

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Get a quick start with sample routes

Four sample routes allow even novices to get out there with confidence. Just select a route that suits the abilities of your party or family. A Very Easy along the rail trail; two Easy routes, west and north; a More Difficult in the north east. The trail ratings are described in the International Mountain Biking Assn (IMBA) chart on the Resources page of the website.

Route descriptions are in the package along with links for profile and GPX files of each route from GPSies - Tracks for Vagabonds

Wombat Station isn’t just the map

Your Adventurer trail map and map package has all the info you are likely to need to enjoy the great outdoors of the spa country. You can quickly access emergency information on the map. The package contains safety advice and further useful information.

The map itself shows various access points where parking is possible. You can walk, ride, run right from Lake Daylesford which is on the map. However it is a few km of uphill to the bulk of the area so you might like to drive to one of those marked access points.

And hey, did you know you are supporting a good case when you buy? Check out the About page for the story.

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Further Adventurer maps

Spa Country Explorer locations map
Spa Country Explorer trail map locations


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