Lerderderg Track: Daylesford towards Blackwood

Jubilee Lake to Nolan’s Creek Picnic Ground

To Balt Camp

Last week Gib and myself set out to check the Lerderderg Track and signage for the Great Dividing Trail Assn’s (GDTA) new map. We were accompanied by John and Phil. We departed from Jubilee Lake as Daylesford to Jubilee Lake had previously been audited – see spacountryexplorer.org.au for the free Jubilee Lake Trail map. Chatting away we missed the signpost that should have taken us off the old rail bed. Eventually realised so took a short cut to rejoin the Lerderderg Track at Greaves Mill site. That information display was ruined in the 2009 fires.

The signage on the Lerderderg Track we covered is very good with just a few issues that are mentioned below. I had forgotten about the steep haul up to Camp Rd and the old Balt Camp site. That was the steepest on our route. The Balt Camp has been repaired and tided up considerably since I was last there. Missing is an information display but as I suspected, vandalism has been an issue so for info try your mobile (one of the few places we had coverage).

Lerderderg Tk profile up to Camp Rd
Lerderderg Tk profile up to Camp Rd

Stockyard Track

A route aberration
A route aberration

Having had to find an alternative to the Stockyard Track descent years ago as the mud and ruts made it too dangerous in the wet, I was pleasantly surprised to see large rocks preventing vehicle access at the top. The run down was a tad skittery in places and circumventing a fallen tree I was surprised by a stump as I rounded a curve. But the slope was very enjoyable in this direction.

Past the boulders at the bottom we came to a track junction that had no signpost. We chose the slightly more traveled path and as you can see on map at right, we ended up riding two sides of an isosceles triangle. On reflection we could have checked our location on the GPS and matched that with the GDTA map grid to pinpoint our location and thus track direction.

Back on track we eventually hauled up at Nolans Creek Picnic ground and called it a day due to time lost. It had been a slow trip as we had to get a POI for every signpost and also write up some issues. Additionally we were clearing the track along the way and removing vegetation that hid signposts. All ready for your enjoyment.

Photos on the GDTA Facebook site 20 Dec 2016.

Issues in this segment of Lerderderg Track

Towards Blackwood

When crossing Specimen Hill Rd from W to E, take the track that veers NW, not SE. Location 55s 249613E 5852529N

Heading to Blackwood, 2/3rds up the climb to Camp Rd is a track angling to your R (there is a camp area on your L). The correct route is to continue straight up to Camp Rd. However the track R may be an easier route to Balt Camp if no motor bikes around. Location 55s 253514E 5850398N

After the steep descent of Stockyard Tk, 1km on past two signposts you get to a junction that is unsigned. Take the L (ENE) track unless you want to climb to some fun on a longish curving and sometimes tricky downhill. See Route Aberration map above. Location 55s 254800E 5848547N

Towards Daylesford

After Nolans Ck Camp Ground, turning R (W)  off Ridge Tk takes you down to

Farm Rd / Farm Tk junction from S
Farm Rd / Farm Tk junction from S

Stockyard Tk. 1km along Stockyard Tk at a junction (NE corner of isosceles triangle in Route Aberration map) you will see a very steep, short climb not far  ahead and on your L (S) a track up the ridge. The correct and shortest route is ahead (WSW). Location 55s 255127E 5848752N

When crossing Farm Rd from S to N, do not follow the signpost arrow hard L. Instead angle slightly left (NW) across the road to the track immediately L of the wooden shelter. See photo above. Location 55s 251381E 5851209N

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