Riding based at Daylesford or Hepburn Springs?

Spa Country Explorer maps and long weekends are a great couple

Explorer series

Motor cyclist bike rack
Quad bike?

Wombat Station is the first of these Hepburn and Daylesford trail maps. A massive 321.403 kms of forest roads and tracks. Enough to keep you exploring for a year of long weekends. Designed for the bush, Explorer maps shrug off wet, sweat and tears. Check it out at spacountryexplorer.org.au

Then go and buy it at the Daylesford Visitor Information Centre just south of the Post office and upper roundabout in Daylesford.

Local series (free)

This series of maps shows the track network in and around Daylesford and Hepburn village. Currently available are the Jubilee Lake Trail for on and off road cyclists, walkers and trail runners. And the Daylesford – Hepburn village link trails – why ride or walk the boring main road when you can enjoy the off-road experience between the two. Download the A4 size PDFs from spacountryexplorer.org.au  or ask at the Daylesford Visitor Information Centre.

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