Dry Diggings Trail map

Dry Diggings trails most popular

The Dry Diggings trail area is probably the most popular walking, riding and running area close to Daylesford. It is immediately accessible from Daylesford and Hepburn village.

The area runs from Daylesford in the south, through to the Chocolate Mill in the north and is bordered by Sailors Creek in the west and Midland Highway in the east. It encompasses Hepburn Reservoir, Hepburn mineral springs area, the lookout at Hepburn, the complex diggings area of Beehive Gully.

Those wishing to continue to Mt Franklin can minimise us of the Midland highway by using Powells Ln in north end of map.

Suggested routes

Very Easy, Easy and Intermediate routes are shown for mountain bike riders to try. Else just pick your own routes using the trail network with contour closeness a guide to steepness.

How to get the Dry Diggings A4 map

Head to Local Trail Maps to download an A4 PDF.

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