Guildford – Tarilta Circuit

This 23.8km circuit starts at the Guildford General Store on the A300 Midland Highway N of Daylesford. The GPX file is for a clockwise circuit. It takes you through a village, farmland, forest and is a very pleasant ride.

NOTE: 16 Oct 2021. In response to my enquiry, DELWP has advised that the ‘Private Property’ gate across Griffiths track mentioned below should not be ridden past even if open. The road shown on the map is simply a ‘paper’ road and not a legal road. A revised map with a corrected and improved route will be available on 1st December. There will be a choice of pdf download or Avenza Map.

N, S, E, W indicate direction

Through the village of Guildford, then farmland, on tarmac towards Vaughan Springs. At 1.3km, S onto unsealed Tarilta Rd. Some historic features along here. At 3.71km E onto Vaughan – Tarilta Rd, cross Tarilta Ck to wend your way between pleasant pastures and forest to Porcupine Ridge Rd at 5.6km.

Vaughan - Tarilta Rd
Tarilta tops

Head S on the shallow roller coaster of Porcupine Ridge Rd to turn W onto Limestone Tk at 12.4km.

If you want a slightly longer, more difficult and probably more interesting section, at 7.1k, E onto Gurr Tk at Goldfields Track sign post then follow Goldfields Tk posts which after 700m will take you on a route S, roughly parallel to Porcupine Ridge Rd. At crossing of either of Helge Tk or Wewak Tk you can head W to rejoin Porcupine Ridge Rd. Or you could continue S on the Goldfields Tk until it meets Porcupine Ridge Rd at which point you turn N for 1.7km to Limestone Tk where you turn W thus rejoining the circuit.

Limestone Tk starts downhill, so slow when approaching bends as there may be traffic. At 13.5km the top of a short climb, turn N onto Lancaster Tk which becomes Griffiths Tk. These gradually take you down to Tarilta Ck at 15.1km. at the junction of Lancaster Tk, continue on Limestone Tk to drop down to Tarilta Ck at a very pleasant spot – great for a break and I have a geocache there – then a shortish steep climb to turn N onto Rusconis Rd and rejoin the circuit when you see Griffiths Tk. Note that distances will be wrong until I publish the revised circuit.

Recently a new landowner has put in a gate across the road near the creek crossing with a ‘Private Property’ sign. This gate was open and I suspect may stay that way. On checking the topo map I found that at that point the ‘legal’ road does cross private property instead of following its designated route. My guess is that to cater for locals if not visitors, the gate might stay open until Parks instates the correct road alignment. If it is closed then the alternate route is to head back to Limestone Tk, turn W to drop down to Tarilta Ck at a very pleasant spot – great for a break and I have a geocache there – then a shortish steep climb to turn N onto Rusconis Rd and rejoin the circuit when you see Griffiths Tk.

Now continuing on from Tarilta Ck crossing at 15.1km, keep L at a tk junction until you meet Rusconis Rd at 15.8km.. Note that from here to the dog park, the topo map is inaccurate in respect of side tracks.

At 19.6km and barking from the kennels, bear R onto Shicer Gully Rd. 50m or so on, whether or not you are a dog lover, you should stop to admire the community spirit of the kennels owners who have created this lovely little park for dog exercising. Nicely within 5km of Guildford town so must be extra useful to locals during Covid lockdowns.

Again there are some historic structures along this unsealed road. At the T junction (22.8km) L onto the sealed road to take you back to Guildford.

Here you can enjoy the Guildford General Store with its excellent coffee, cakes, famous pies and pastries made on the premises (yes I have taste tested most and enjoyed every bit), plus sourdough breads, ice-creams and the like. On weekends the equally well known Guildford Family Hotel (formerly Domenicos) is likely hosting a band and some great ales.

I hope you enjoy this circuit. Another ride from the Guildford Store is the General Store to General Store: Guildford to Glenlyon. One way unless you are really fit. Overall downhill from Glenlyon to Guildford.

Note – to make this available quickly as an alternative to GDT Ride Circuits affected by Wombat Forest closures, the map is a topo map copy with route superimposed. I will be creating one of my Spa Country explorer style maps for this circuit, so do check back before riding.

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