Wombat Forest North East trails remap

updated Thu 28 April 2022

4 Villages, 3 Springs Trails maps

Underway is the 4 Villages, 3 Springs Trails map, a revision of a Cyclic Navigator map covering the area within Musk, Bullarto, Lyonville, Little Hampton, Glenlyon and Denver south.

This will show tracks that have reopened since the June 2020 storm. It will be available as 2 pdfs, most useful for route planning. And a single Avenza map, most useful for the journey.

1 Village, 1 Spring Trails

The northern half of the map, 1Village, 1 Spring Trails is underway. (A ‘village’ is a settlement that has a hall and/or fire station). The village is Glenlyon as is the spring.

3 Villages, 2 Springs Trails

The southern half of the map, 3 Villages, 2 Springs Trails is now available. The villages are Musk, Bullarto & Lyonville. The springs are Leitches Creek Spring and Lyonville Springs. For best print reproduction, select printer setting of Fine or Map quality.

Avenza Map QR code
Avenza Map QR code

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