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Navigators & Mappers

Our navigational interest began in the 70s with touring car rallies. Then we introduced ourselves to orienteering and there was no time nor inclination  left for rallying.  Navigation on foot seemed far more satisfying though we know some who happily pursue both.

Orienteering has been our recreational interest since and as a bonus has taken us to many corners of the world, usually far off the beaten track. We also enjoy spin-offs such as mountain bike orienteering (MTBO), rogaines, cyclogaines, bush geocaching and mapping.

In conjunction with Eureka Orienteers, we repurposed some orienteering maps and created the Wombat Station trail map for mtb riders, bush walkers and trail runners. In 2019 we are developing a permanent orienteering course on Cornish Hil in Daylesford. Maps for that will be available on smart devices or on paper from the Visitor Information Centre.

In 2012, Ken was appointed Australia/NZ reseller for OCAD cartographic software. A huge success worldwide for orienteering mapping, OCAD is now finding favour with cartographic studios, trail & recreation managers, government, education. See ocad.com.au

Trail Riders

Moving to Daylesford area in the late 90s we discovered the 278km of Great Dividing Trails and have been riding them since. In our 50s, we rode 138km from near Daylesford to Bendigo on the Dry Diggings and Leanganook tracks in a long summer’s day. In our 60s, rode from home to Buninyong on the Wallaby Track, a tad over 100km in a day. Ken has also ridden the Lerderderg Tk in 3 sections over the years.

We are trail riders. We are not technically proficient mountain bikers and as you just read, we are not in the prime of youth either. The point is, these trails are rideable by, and accessible to, a wide range of riders. Yes, you do have to be reasonably fit for longer and difficult sections. Yes, you do need to be comfortable on a mountain bike. But with the help of this site’s blog posts, plus maps available from the Great Dividing Trail Assn, you can select track sections that are within your current ability and have an enjoyable day while extending your ability.

That’s life as we know it and enjoy it.