Iconic Trails

“Iconic adj.

of a person or thing that is uncritically adored, revered or admired, or is regarded as a symbol of a particular culture or sphere, etc; an idol.”

Great Dividing Trails

The Great Dividing Trail system celebrated 25 years in 2017. These multi-use trails were conceived, developed and managed by an extremely resourceful and capable band of people to whom we owe a great vote of thanks.

The Goldfields Track capitalised on the extensive and continuing work done of the Great Dividing Trail Assn by assuming the marketing and management of the Eureka, Wallaby, Dry Diggings and Leanganook Tracks Buninyong-Ballarat-Creswick-Daylesford-Castlemaine-Bendigo

We love riding these trails and enjoy walking them. Since the turn of the century we have been pleased to see more and more mtb riders discover these trails. Yet you can still ride a complete track without meeting a rider or walker.

Lerderderg Track

The best source for current trail status is the GDTA website. This map shows the key locations along the route.

During 2018-2020 this trail is being improved and re-signed. The 90km Lerderderg Track runs Daylesford – Blackwood – Bacchus Marsh. It is classified by DELWP as a remote track. There are some deviations for bikes including the Whisky Gully section which is banned to bikes due to cinnamon fungus.

South from Blackwood a recommended alternative route uses Websters and Kangaroo Tks between Byers Back Tk and O’Briens Rd. That avoids a steep, difficult, scrabbly section up/down Amblers Ln and a boring section of O’Briens Rd. The signposts are in place for this alternative. It is shown as an orange highlight on the new (April 2020) edition 2 maps.

Sign posts on the Lerderderg Tk are being replaced in 2019-20 with grey posts that have a sky blue strip over the top. You will encounter these, with the occasional green post, from Cornish Hill in Daylesford until Blackwood township. From Blackwood to Mt Blackwood the posts are progressively being replaced with the blue striped grey posts (again with a rare green post). From Mt Blackwood to Swan’s Rd they are generally the old green posts. On the streets of Daylesford, Blackwood and Bacchus Marsh, signs are generally blue blades on street sign posts.

Edition 2 of the new (April 2020) map on water and tear resistant stock is now available from the GDTA website shop. A GPX file may be downloaded from the GDTA website.

Goldfields Track

The best source for current trail status is the Goldfields Track website. This map shows key locations along the route.

Goldfields Track post
Goldfields Track post

A 210km multi-use trail nicely staged for multi day rides. The Goldfields Track is the marketing moniker for the contiguous Great Dividing Trails of Leanganook, Dry Diggings and Wallaby.

Bendigo, Castlemaine and Ballarat are accessible via VLine train. VLine buses service Daylesford but do not carry bikes. A bike symbol on VLocity train sets indicates bike spaces through that door. On diesel locomotive trains contact the conductor at the guard’s van.

If you are not sure which direction to ride the trail, I suggest from Bendigo.

Goldfields Track VicRoads sign
Goldfields Track VicRoads sign

The Leanganook segment is probably the easiest overall (assuming you take the mtb route) while being very interesting. And it offers an out at Castlemaine if you decide you have overcooked it. Two special campsites are available on the Goldfields Track. One just off the Leanganook Tk as signed by Parks Victoria. The other is on the Dry Diggings Track at Fryerstown between Castlemaine and Vaughan Springs.