Trail Maps

3 Villages, 2 Springs Trails Map

This trails map reflects the June 2021 storm extensive damage to tracks. It covers the area from Musk – Bullarto – Lyonville in the south to Little Hampton in the east and Wheatsheaf settlement in the north. Pre-storm there were 121km of off-road tracks, now there are just 71km.

A few more tracks are likely to be restored prior to future burn-offs around villages and hamlets. Perhaps the VicForests removal of fallen trees will leave some tracks restored and perhaps some new tracks.

From blog post Wombat Forest NE remap, you can download an A4 pdf of the map and take the link to an Avenza version.


Following the June 2021 closure of large parts of Wombat State Forest due to storm damage, I identified circuits outside that forest by the ‘@Not Wombat State Forest’ tag in my blog. These circuits follow the style of my ride circuits in the Central Victorian Highlands Walk and Ride Circuits book.

These posts have links to A4 pdf maps & info. 2021-22 posts have link & QR code to Avenza map.

To use my new circuit maps you also need the following information.


Circuit maps legend

Trail grading

The trails are graded using the NZ Cycle Trail grades as Australia’s mtb trail grading system is under revision. See . Note that any grade may include occasional segments of a higher grade.

Route directions

The routes are shown using the relevant trail grade symbol. Purple arrows clarify direction. km labels provide a means of confirmation that you are on trail.

The start location is defined by a What3Words address. You can use to locate the Start and the the W3W app to navigate to the Start.

Gear and assistance

At a minimum; 1st Aid kit, helmet, gloves, water, eats, sunscreen, tube repair kit & tools, mobile &/or emergency satellite communicator (I use Inreach Mini). Most trails in the region have significant areas of no mobile coverage.

The nearest bike full service facilities are in Castlemaine, Woodend, Ballarat. Basic repairs may be available from Eric at The Bike Space in Daylesford 0407 819 677.

Wombat Station adventurer map

Wombat Forest still largely closed following June storm damage.

Wombat Station map covers an area of 45+ sq.kms and contains 380 kms of forest tracks and roads. Enough for a seasons’ worth of long weekends. It covers the area from Eganstown south to the Wombat Station historical site at Rocklyn. Key locations are on this map. Further down is the download button for the trail map.

We designed this map expressly for bush walkers, mountain bike riders and trail runners.

You can explore because every public road, vehicle track and walking or mountain bike trail is shown. Or just follow the suggested routes. Elevation is depicted so you can be sure in advance that ups and downs don’t get you down.

It shows an out and back trail for each of Very Easy (White) and Easy (Green) grade. Plus a circuit for each of Easy and More Difficult (Blue) grades. Part of the Goldfields Track’s Wallaby Track covers the length of Wombat Station map which stretches from Eganstown in the north to Rocklyn in the south.

Creswick Walking and Cycling Map
Creswick brochure cover

This brochure is available from Hepburn Shire, Castlemaine and Ballarat Visitor Information Centres and some regional bike shops. The map on the reverse was specially produced by MapSport Cartographic. Trail descriptions, photos and publishing also by local identities.

This brochure is aimed principally at families but includes two mtb trails along with 7 other shared use trails. The  5km Jackass Loop and 10-12km Slaty Creek Lasso Loops are suited to trail riders with some off road experience. Most tracks and roads on the extensive map area are shown so you can also make your own route. Contours help you estimate climb. Many tracks are named so you can relate to signage.

All trails are accessible from the town centre (the mtb trails via other trails including the Goldfields Track). For longer rides, both mtb trails have links to the Goldfields Track south to Ballarat and north to Daylesford. Or you can link the two mtb trails via the Goldfields Track.

The map is your oyster!